What is Bro Hugs & Back Slaps?

To simplify, this site is for those of us who want to become the best versions of ourselves NOW and not have to wait for a better job, a bigger network of friends or using the “I don’t have time for….” excuse. Sometimes our resources are limited but as a man you have to work with what you have and get creative, no excuses.

All my blog posts and videos are geared (generally) towards my 18 year old self, covering all the knowledge I wish I knew then to get ahead in this exponentially growing world. Dating, self improvement and social skills have been my obsession mostly because I struggled with all 3 for so long so that is where I intend to keep my focus, I’m still a student in all these fields by no means will I declare myself a self help guru or coach just see me as a peer fighting through the mud with you all. Feel free to send me questions, critiques and your personal stories whenever you like I’ll respond back I promise.

If you enjoy the content any donation is greatly appreciated